Battle in Ironton Park


Over the river and through the woods to IR battle we go…

7-21-2013 – The tanks blended well with the forest colors and the tracks worked well on the mossy forest floor.  It was a pitched battle with the dads team on the high ground holding off  the kids team blitzkrieg.  Dads won.

IMG_6475 IMG_6476IMG_6480 IMG_6490IMG_6491 IMG_6481IMG_6497 IMG_6501IMG_6506 IMG_6510

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2 Responses to Battle in Ironton Park

  1. Rex Ross says:

    Your tank club is impressive. Everything about it is great.You make me wish I lived close enough to be in your club.. I’m familiar with the area as I have a daughter in Norwood and two sons in Montrose and I spent time in Telluride many years ago. Your tank battlefields are incredibly beautiful and great for running tanks. I enjoyed exploring your website. You have been added to my Favorites file and I will be checking on future developments. Thanks for alerting me about your club.
    Rex Ross

  2. g hunter says:

    Thanks Rex! Glad you checked us out. You are one of the tanker/model builders we admire.

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