IR target tank

This stug is the electronics donor for the Mato M4A1 (76 mm) conversion.

It has the Heng Long wires and electronics removed and a target circuit from Tank Hobby installed in it’s place.   The IR receiver is mounted so you shoot through the drivers vision slot.  The Stock HL smoker is still in place with red LEDs hooked up to it so they light up the fighting compartment through the hatches.  It also still has the stock HL speaker.  The road wheels and swing arms on this new stug were used to re-fit the old stug, #21 (see update of HL stug post below) and then it’s worn out wheels were installed on this target tank without springs to simulate a burned up vehicle.


When you fire an IR shot at this tank, the red LEDs and the smoker come on for 10 sec. while the speaker plays an explosion sound.  At present the smoker puts the smoke out the back with the stock mounting.  The plan is to re-plumb the smoker to send the smoke out the hatches and have flashing red and orange LEDs and the smoker stay on after a few hits so it makes smoke during the rest of the tank battle to mimic a burning tank.

IMG_1118 IMG_1120

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