Book Review 2

Pen and Sword Books latest Images of War Special: The Panther Tank, Hitler’s t-34 Killer does an excellent job of giving the reader an excellent overview of what drove the design and development of one of the most famous tanks of World War 2. The Panther had it’s flaws, but was a feared adversary for Allied tankers during World War 2, and its influence on tank design extends to currently deployed main battle tanks. The book’s organization is well suited to the military modeler because it illustrates the subtle differences between the Panther variants. Plus, Pen and Sword has included quite a few new photographs that I hadn’t seen before, which is always great to see because it gives the military modeler guidelines as to how German crews camouflaged and added stowage to their Panthers. Finally, the book discusses some of the major campaigns and battles that Panthers took part in, and helps balance the tank’s formidable technical specifications against its combat record. As author Anthony Tucker-Jones discusses, the Panther was a fearsome opponent, but poor reliability and inexperienced crews limited the tanks ultimate impact on the battlefield. I have been a fan of the German Panther tank for a long time, and this book is a welcome addition to my military history library.

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