The Western Slope Division is a small group of radio controlled tank enthusiasts attached to the RC tank club, FRAG (Front Range Armor Group) near Denver, Colorado, yet located in the San Juan Mountains of western Colorado. We primarily build military models in 1/16 scale and enjoy both static and RC projects.  We battle using the Tamiya standard inferred LED system.

The division consists of two Troops, Ouray Troop, and La Plata Troop.  We get together here in the San Juan mountains for IR battles, and also like to visit RC tank clubs in the Rocky Mountain region including, FRAG (Front Range Armor Group)  in Denver, Colorado, and DAK (Desert Armor Korps) in Phoenix, Arizona.

We have kids in our group and believe kids can learn history and have fun with RC tanks.

If you would like to contact us or leave a comment, just use the form below.

Location map showing troop deployment.



2 Responses to About

  1. Bret Tallent says:

    I live in Phoenix and am currently working on scratch build tanks. They are 1/6 scale and shoot paintballs. I am looking for like minded folks to start a 1/6 scale RC Tank Combat group in the area. Anyone interested?

    • g hunter says:

      We are up in Colorado and focus on 1/16 scale tanks so we may not be the guys your looking for. Down in Phoenix, AZ there is a 1/16 scale tank club called DAK, you can click the link on our web page, or the one below, that has members who own 1/6 scale tanks. I don’t know how many or what kind, but I did see a 1/6 scale Stuart there. That’s where I would start your search.


      Good luck!

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