DAK demo at Falcon Field 3-26-2016

The Western Slope Division once again went to Arizona to enjoy some fun in the sun with the great folks at Desert Armor Korps.  This year the event was held at Falcon Field Airport during an air show by the Commemorative Air Force and a military vehicle show.  We got to battle our RC tanks among real jeeps and trucks, near a fully functional Hellcat, while a B-17 and  Huey Cobra buzzed us.  Russian Yak fighters did a couple passes overhead too, as a Mig parked nearby watched over our stuff.

The WSD took 10 folding portable buildings to the event, allowing us to quickly deploy a “Potemkin Village” on the tarmac for visiting people to drive loaner tanks around in.

You can check out more pictures at the DAK website here:



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12-26-2015 UPDATE:

The Western Slope Division has acquired two more modern tanks, a Tamiya Leopard 2A6, and a Heng Long Abrams M1A2.  This doubles our modern firepower, both Troops of the Western Slope Division now have an Abrams and a Leopard.   Both of the tanks acquired need a bit of work to be brought up to the standard of performance we at the Western Slope Division require.

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Trip to DAK in Arizona on 3-28-2015

Check out our DAK page for pictures of our trip to Arizona to battle with the DAK crew!


Thanks to all the DAK folks, we had a great time!

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M1A2 Abrams

The Western Slope Division has acquired a new Abrams M1A2 manufactured by Heng Long.  This is our second Abrams, we already have a Hobby Engine version that is upgraded for IR battle.  This Abrams will also be upgraded to be IR battle capable.   These are the first pictures after the unboxing, many parts still need to be put on the tank.  IMG_2004 IMG_2005

All the accessories are on it now.  Some running outside showed that it is slow for a modern tank.  All the functions worked properly.

IMG_2021 IMG_2015

IMG_2758a IMG_2753a

IMG_3375 IMG_3430

IMG_3616 IMG_3619

IMG_3659 IMG_3630

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IR target tank

This stug is the electronics donor for the Mato M4A1 (76 mm) conversion.

It has the Heng Long wires and electronics removed and a target circuit from Tank Hobby installed in it’s place.   The IR receiver is mounted so you shoot through the drivers vision slot.  The Stock HL smoker is still in place with red LEDs hooked up to it so they light up the fighting compartment through the hatches.  It also still has the stock HL speaker.  The road wheels and swing arms on this new stug were used to re-fit the old stug, #21 (see update of HL stug post below) and then it’s worn out wheels were installed on this target tank without springs to simulate a burned up vehicle.


When you fire an IR shot at this tank, the red LEDs and the smoker come on for 10 sec. while the speaker plays an explosion sound.  At present the smoker puts the smoke out the back with the stock mounting.  The plan is to re-plumb the smoker to send the smoke out the hatches and have flashing red and orange LEDs and the smoker stay on after a few hits so it makes smoke during the rest of the tank battle to mimic a burning tank.

IMG_1118 IMG_1120

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Mato M4A1 (76 mm)

IMG_1090 IMG_1091

This tank is a Mato M4A1 (76mm) with a Heng Long RX–18 and a DBC3 battle system.  It is modeled after the US Army, 2nd Armored Division, in the summer and fall of 1944.  I have added a Cullen hedgerow cutter, a phone box, some stowage and clear plastic in all the periscopes.  I used the Mato turret traverse motor and the Mato gun elevation motor, but switched out the airsoft gun for a Heng Long recoil unit.  I removed the smoker.  It still has the Mato gearboxes and drive motors.  The tracks and running gear are all stock Mato.  I replaced the idler wheel mount screws with through bolts for added strength.  I expect that this tank will receive more upgrades with time.

IMG_1244x IMG_1274m

We got the stars and numbers on it.  We named it Buster.

IMG_1167 IMG_1168

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 FRAG Batle


The latest pictures are just in from the La Plata Troop venture over the Continental Divide to battle with the FRAG folks!  Go to our FRAG page or just…

click here for pictures from the FRAG battle field just in!


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